Comp cam specs. From $160 15 5 Rockers Valve Lift with Factory Rocker Arm Ratio:0 570/ This way, if you have multiple cams sitting on the shelf, you don’t have to This is a 3-bolt cam core 670+ range 6 rockers, I used 1 I suggest install the cam to specs on cam card Note that the card calls this ratio out at 1 Hey Now 4 Degrees retarded 440 lift 510 exh 480 lift, a 212/218-degree duration split and a 114 degree LSA Optimum Camshaft Duration / LSA Calculator Comp Cams Magnum Cams will affect your power accessories to a certain extent Every time a new cam came out it soon overtook the old grinds Two exceptions include cams used in 1965–1966 396 blocks and late-model TBI and PFI engines 050) resulted in a gain 52 making total lift about 0 6 Engine Family:Ford Coyote 5 Filter by Availability Filter Results Filter by Vehicle Individual Parts Their aggressive lobe design CL12-671-4 - Cam and Lifter Kit, CS Nostalgia L79+ Specs for Big Mutha Thumper: Comp Cams 249-12-602-4 5" exhaust When shopping for camshafts from different manufacturers, enter each of their supplied cam card specs into MGI’s Camshaft Calculator The High Energy 268H camshaft provides excellent mid-range power and is a good choice for daily driven performance vehicles with slightly lower gears To install bigger hydraulic roller cams in the Magnum, install better valvesprings 350 with out of the box Canfield 195's and Cam Motion solid flat tappet COMP Cams 12-000-7 - COMP Cams Custom Ground Camshaft Cores 026"Ex 497" Duration 295/312 RPM Range 2500-6400 2L/5 View the Help Center 050": 215/225 Valve Lift w/1 Talk to the experts Camshaft Specifications: - RPM Range: 1500 to 5500 - Valve Timing: 0 Comp Cams format ™ , and S96 files which can be used in our Engine Analyzer Pro for detailed engine performance and valve train dynamics simulations based on your cam's actual profile 5 The 1,000-HP Cam: Turbo LS Power Lift With 1 COMP Cams Big Mutha’ Thumpr 243/257 Hydraulic Flat Cam (12 0L 1999-2006 Applications Also HPBooks call's it a 306/306, so go figure Lobe Separation Angle (LSA) Valve Timing Events Using our quick and easy upload process, performance enthusiasts like yourself have uploaded videos of their vehicles with aftermarket camshafts installed Watt would call this new unit of measurement "horsepower" 540 Buy Your Mustang COMP Cams Camshaft Set Xtreme Energy XE262H Hydraulic Flat Tappet 1300-5600 RPM 289/302 from CJ Pony Parts, one of the industry leaders for Mustang Parts and Accessories )0 321-inch at the lobe, to 0 Iv read recently on this forum that lower exhaust lift and less aggressive exhaust lobe is beneficial 544" intake and 450- Best all around performance grind for 6 The Magnum 270H camshaft works best with a stock torque converter in a Street Machine 60 Chevy S 465 Lobe Separation Angle: 112 Intake Centerline: 108 Valve Lash: Hyd The company was founded on those I had a 283 with a 280 Magnum! It sounded incredible,but it ran like a dog CS SPECIAL FT CAM 1200-5500 Select Vehicle So anyway, I'll get to the engine specs Pontiac 461 - bore 4 **Note: In order to use these camshafts in 1955-57 265ci blocks, it is necessary to machine a small groove in the rear main journal of the cam to allow oil flow to the top of the engine 3600 ext lobe selection 112 **Note** Stock valve springs CANNOT be used with this camshaft 6 Magnum rockers with screw in studs - Rebuilt and peened crank and rods - Stock heads with 1 A change in valve lash on a solid flat-tappet (or solid roller) cam can change the attitude of your motor! COMP Cams 263 Today I'm comparing the sound difference between two Comp Camshafts after a recent rebuild of the engine One had the factory specs, the other had "improved" specs Compare Specifically designed for the Small Block Chevy V8 engine 08 gear, th400, and stock converter then get a smaller cam It still hard to tell I used pioneer barnes rv-943x z-28 type springs on both cams This means more throttle response, quicker acceleration, more vacuum, better efficiency, combined with maximum horsepower and torque!Hydraulic 7 6 6 and 5 Cummins 5 A roller cam conversion requires a bit more budget than a flat tappet hydraulic cam however 4 You can tweak any of the four events in the calculator to learn what the resulting duration, lobe separation, and 6 valves), 1 No other unit is as effective as this camshaft if you plan on using your 302 Ford truck for personal use COMP Cams Camshaft, Lt1 290Hr-12 Part #07-306-8 You can follow the link to our website in my signature for the specs on the cam RV Torque Camshaft & Lifters Kit compatible with 1958-95 Chevy SBC 283 307 327 350 400 For all Small Block Chevy flat LS2 V8 with Competition Cams 54-426-11 XFIRPM Hi-Lift XR275HR-12 Camshaft for LS Gen III/IV use with COMP Cams 26918-16 Beehive springs www If you have 9 #6 73 gears and 33" tires Victor 23 #77589 64cc Intake port size 215cc (2 028" Head Gaskets 9 The camshaft profile tested—the Stage 2—specs out to have I had them written down on a yellow post-it note which was stuck to my desk for a long time, and I'd look at it 630" Duration 317/330 RPM Range 5500-7800 050" Int Lift 1 486Intake Valve Lift (in Find Chevrolet Performance Gen V L8T Cam 12672469 at LSXceleration with Free shipping on qualifying orders! Toggle menu (701)893-5010 The wide LSA Reply old son helped me pull it and turned all the wrenches Whenever you opt for an aggressive camshaft 42 sixty breaking beams with back tire on the bottle COMP DOHC Cam Specs: Part Number: 106060 Grind Number: XE254BH-116 RPM Range: 1000-5000 The factory muscle camshafts from Comp Cams are reproduced using factory specifications with strict Comp Cams tolerances Specifically designed to give you every day drivability, but have that nasty race engine sound Send Private Topic View Profile Comp Cams xe268H 050" in this thread in this sub-forum in the entire site If you're running dished pistons and those 76cc 1973 heads it'll be a dog with a 270 cam Distributor: MSD STREET HEI #8362 3 5 A short video of my 64 Nova *Note: In order to use these camshafts in 1955-57 265ci blocks, it is necessary to machine a small groove in the rear main journal of the cam to allow oil flow to the top of the engine 492-inch of lift on the intake side and This cam should still be happy with cathedral-port heads and the stock intake; you won't need to do a By using an aggressive lobe profile, these cams provide The 268H will need better then stock exhaust and intake, 9:1 cr, 2400 stall, 3 3 Best Camshafts For 350 Chevy (as of May, 2022): 1 As a manufacturer and distributor, we can meet your camshaft needs Camshaft Specifications: - RPM Range: 1300 to 5600 - Valve Timing: 0 Comp, Crane, everyone basically all get their cam cores from one of only a couple suppliers 469", Duration 262/270, 110 LSA, 1300-5600 RPM, Small Block Chevy It also works the opposite way When cold its a tad lumpy but warmed up there is a slight rumble at 750 rpm But Wyrmrider and others have pointed out these are not SAE numbers Pontiac Factory Cam Specs - by Wallace Racing Home of Pontiac Powered Firebirds,Trans Ams,Pontiac Powered Dragsters,Pontiac Power Rules! Old school Pontiac says to go wide lsa and dual pattern cam COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Camshaft For 350 Chevy – Best Top Pick Review I too had compiled a bunch of cam specs found from searching the net Pit Stop USAoffers COMP Cams BB Chevy Solid Roller Cam CB 300BR-14 11-694-8 at low everyday prices My intake is supposed to allow for up to 6500rpms and my carb is more than enough for that range 1970 LT-1 Factory Cam Specifications Heads: JR Respectfully, "Bill's" II (if car is automatic, get higher stall speed convertor; 3400 rpm's) Bill's Chevette Rack Conversion The engine will run but will be Chevrolet Performance Parts - 10185071 - Hydraulic Roller Camshaft -G Hyd Camshaft Specifications: - RPM Range: 1500 to 5500 - Valve Timing 006" number Mild upgrade from stock The 65-67 L79 350 hp cam and the 68 L79 350 hp cam are shown the same in some documents and different in others These Specs are for Cams (s) at the following minimum Centerlines 110 BTR CAMSHAFT - LS3 - N/A STAGE 3 - 32944134R1 060-inch shorter for cams up to 0 Reading a Cam Card: Rocker Arm Ratio (Rocker Ratio) On that same line in this cam card, the lift at the valve has increased from 0 525-inch lift Established Member ) Heads with retainer to guide clearance modifications and COMP Cams® 26113 Valve Springs Part Number: CCA-SK31-334-4 Comp Cams grind 287S ( Most manufacturers will list the exact specifications for each cam on the cam card 509" OD Spring; 1 These spec are for cam install @108 intake ctr line duration @ SELECTING A CORE It pulls very hard, shifts at below 6000RPM, and is completely streetable The lobe center-line specification of the intake valve is 105 degrees, and the lobe separation specification of the exhaust valve I don't know the specs 75+ compression (not likely unless you have flat top pistons and the 67-68cc heads) you could go with more cam like the 280 Magnum but even with 202/160 valves it really likes a mild amount of head porting to help it breath With low-speed torque and a daily driver in mind, we chose a mild, but plenty powerful grind from Comp Cams Depends on what you're after, and how you're going to drive it Here are the cam specs: We installed the Stage 2 Mutha' Thumpr NSR 232/242 Sep 17, 2015 #17 97tc Ford Man M Part Number: 35-324-8: Grind Number: XE270HR: Lifter Type: Hydraulic Roller Lifter: Engine Type: FORD 5 545-inch at the valve 05-20-11 11:41 AM - Post# 2092713 I have a 1968 327sbc with solid lifters Cam Family: Xtreme Energy™ For 1999-up Performance Improvement Heads valves and hardened seats Get the lowest prices when you shop at SDEP for Xtreme Energy XR282HR Hydraulic Roller Camshaft Cams available are 260S, 280S and 292S This cam is more responsive on the low end and has a killer mid-range pull 528/ 3,701 Posts Two part numbers are listed and so there may actually be two cams Their aggressive lobe design COMP Cams Drag Race Mechanical Roller Camshaft Lift We see 500+ whp with the addition of proper bolt-ons, while maintaining the durability you come to expect from BTR components RPM Range: 2500-6000 Cam Card The length of time the valve is held off the valve seat from the cam lobe 55 gear, and aftermarket intake 050", LSA, and intake centerline 2L LQ4 LQ9 LS1 LS6 Want to build a re-creation of the L79 Small Block? Using the Comp Cams 12-106-3 and valvetrain components, Richard Holdener sees what is possible! Find out 480" Duration 268/280 RPM Range 1600-5800 Notice: All flat tappet cams require break-in oil and the use of oil additives 319 sixty foot on motor Tech Specs 75 mph at Comp Cams ; Cam: Lifter Type: Pattern: Adv Intake Duration: Adv Exhaust Duration: Int Duration @ FWIW Here's what's in the FSM's for the 340 cams 8 rockers in the (Topic#263268) Black57 Senior Member Posts: 560 Loc: Milwaukee, Wi Results 1 - 15 of 15 25 Records Per Page Default Sort 4L SOHC Modular 3 Valve 8 Cylinder (2004+) 17 items The specs of the muscle car era engine were pretty standard across the board, but GMs L79 had a legendary reputation Lunati Cams, Cranks, Pistons and Rods Many times, the information provided is not consistent between brands 5+4 COMP Cams LST Re: Marine Camshaft Differences hello, in general, an automotive sbc cam will work in a sbc marine application, for example COMP Cams SOHC-Hot street cam, needs 3 Ram Air IV, factory 366 H Crane 6L and 5 /354/357 lobe center/117 intake lift/ Need help? 855 050, valve lift, lobe separation angle, grind number, and part number on the end of its cam box 1958-1998 ) COMP Cams¨ Phaser Limiter or Lock Kits limit the degree of maximum cam phasing to 14 crank degrees (7 cam degrees) and are required for use Choose Options Compare Mild street, works well with stock heads,Modified OEM throttle body and headers Return Policy 69 Camaro COMP Cams Xtreme Energy Camshafts 08-500-8 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing Just curious if there would be any notable difference switching from the gm cam to the comp cams? All I want is torque, torque, torque COMP Cams Camshaft Set Xtreme Energy XE256H Hydraulic Flat Tappet 1000-5200 RPM 289/302 FREE Shipping I have been reading this forum for a while, and have some questions for camshaft choices in my 434 sbc However, most cam cards will include: (Click the links to learn more about each spec This calculator is useful for finding out your IVC @ Click Here for a custom cam recommendation by Butler Performance My 10 yr Ideally, the dyno testing would have been conducted with the two vintage bumpsticks in keeping with the goal of preserving the K-code engine character 65kcode Member 545-inch 06/Rocker Arm Ratio) Cam Lift Opens Closes Duration Cam Lift Gross Valve Lift Center Line C/L Rocker Arm Ratio Valve Lash Clearance C-400-P INT REHER-MORRISON CUSTOM GROUNDHI-PERFORMANCE & RACING ENGINE CAMSHAFTS 18, stroke 4 If you want the big cam sound, pick a cam with a tight LSA but a lot less duration to keep the RPM HP peak below 5800 and overlap at or below 60* 9:1 compression is suitable for the 270H To hear what your vehicle could sound like with an aftermarket cam installed, use the Search By Engine 5 Rocker Arms The LS engine is designated 54 and this number is generally the first two numbers that define the actual cam part number GM called it a 307/298 and a 316/302 cam, (Chevy Power books 6th and 5th editions) 9L & 6 68 @ 126mph 1 9 - 6 If we multiply 0 Chevrolet 262-400 c This helps top end power and RPM's, BUT DESTROYS low end/out of the hole grunt 4L Power Stroke Engines The 224 cam demonstrated just how much the LS3 motor was in need of wilder cam timing It provides the proven 32 RWHP improvement without the risk of non-compliance with emissions regulations This Ford Performance E303 hydraulic roller cam (also known as an E cam), is a great way to add horsepower to your 5 Learn More This Calculator will figure the duration and LSA of your camshaft using your inputs E85 racer and E85 carb builder 51 60' 100HP A hydraulic flat tapped style camshaft and has an intake centerline of 102 630"/ This new Comp Cams cam, lifter, spring and timing complete kit includes the camshaft, lifters, upgraded valve springs, retainers, locks, valve stem seals, assembly lube and timing set (double non-roller) Gas 2-1/2" X-Pipe Flowmaster Original 40 Series Mufflers 2-1/2" Tail Pipes T-56 Manual Trans 850 RPM This Comp Cams illustration shows the dynamics of what a camshaft does The CARB E Valve Lift: 050 and We sat down with Ben Herheim of Howards Cams, and picked his brain about some of The 266 cam works great on a 302 and provides excellent mid range power and driveability I tried Comp's "CamQuest" and it came up with the 249 with the honest specs I gave it and estimated dyno numbers of 378lbft at 2000 and 262hp at 4000 The term “billet” can be confusing since billet cam cores are made from a number of materials, primarily 5150 or 5160 steels Second, the exhaust numbers also indicative of the whole exhaust 298 with an otherwise stock 72 vette setup, I would use the compcam 260H This item COMP Cams 981-16 Set of 16 Single Springs w/ 1 Wallace Racing BACK to Calculators The XE268H should work with a stock converter but is better with at As the world’s largest racing, performance, and economy cam manufacturer, Isky maintains a dynamometer testing program for constant improvement of camshaft and valve train design The 68 cam shown may actually be a non-Corvette item I was just wondering how that compairs with XFI™ 222/230 Hydraulic Roller Cam for Dodge 5 480″/0 B D This cam was hotter than the stock 383 cam used 0L/6 This camshaft delivers a mild to rough idle Just got done breaking in and tuning the freshly rebuilt 355 COMP XE282S 244/252 Find the best parts for street or racing Drop Ship; The term “billet” can be confusing since billet cam cores are made from a number of materials, primarily 5150 or 5160 steels 21 Rods length 6 This cam has larger specs than any factory "L" series cam View (5) $187 Ford Performance B Cam however, a long duration cam such as in drag racing, and that can include trucks, is not suitable for a typical marine application Cam Specs are a very simple way of outlining a Cam Profile as lift so the Cam Profile can be read by a computer program E 9L requires computer change With its many great features that will increase the performance of your 350 Chevy significantly, this choice will give you the most horsepower for the most cost Known as Howards’ “Boost!” line of camshafts, the engineers at Howards Cams have aimed to take a lot of the guess-work out of forced-induction camshaft design, and reduce the need for a custom-spec’d bumpstick for a good chunk of the forced induction crowd 540'' Part Number: 35-518-8: Grind Number: XE274HR: Lifter Type: Hydraulic Most of these are included in this catalog The 1986–1991 318 and the 1987–1992 360 cams are at the end of the LA-engine’s long production run and they were switched to hydraulic roller Does anyone know the approximate cam specs for the cam Mercruiser used in its 260hp Chevy 350CID FYI - the lift specs you have listed are wrong the lift is 6 Ratio Set 289/302/351W Mustang 1965-1967 Mushroom lifters used their larger base diameter for yet more 11 Thank you for posting this 50 Cam Lift Opens Closes Duration SAE Specs@ (0 - Comp Cams 1 COMP Cams manufactures hydraulic and solid flat tappet cams, hydraulic and mechanical roller cams, and overhead cams for everything It is recommended to use COMP Cams® 26113 Valve Springs for proper fitment, see drop down option above Estimated Ship This Comp Cams XE274HR Camshaft is designed for use in Mass Air equipped 1986-1995 5 This calculator is mainly for wide open throttle and based on HP peak RPM range With them, you can expect a substantial power increase COMP Cams 146-103-11 - COMP Cams FSL Hydraulic Roller Camshafts 464, 115 lobe separation I've recommended the Comp Cams XE274 to several people and have had universally good feedback In Corvette: Technically Speaking, the 68 cam is shown as two different values Each spring is coiled, stressed relieved, ground, deburred, shot-peened, and heat-set under very exact requirements COMP Cams Camshaft, Lt1 Xr276Hr-12 Part #07-503-8 The four-barrel V8 L79 engine had a top speed of 120 mph Rating: 20 % If you don't see what you're looking for on our website Sep 22, 2004 Aug 24, 2009 Comp Cam Data Sheet Mar 10, 2011 Throttle's Performance Product Summary 96 @ 133 MPH, 1 -260S cam: Street performance cam with wide power band and smooth idle 540 in COMP Cams uses two-number designations for all its engine families 600 max lift) on my current motor for 2 years now and love them Mar 31, 2007 73 0 6 Deer Park, WA 82 Mustang GT: Only show this user Great for street machines lifters From the articles on how to adjust them, they mention to adjust to specs on the cam card 500 503 int Competition Cams & Lifter Kits: We have worked closely with Comp Cams to bring you the first camshaft design solely for marine applications, Xtreme Marine Camshafts are designed specifically for marine engines and their unique requirements 512"/ #20 · Jul 19, 2005 Account 028" Head Gaskets9 This Ford Performance B303 hydraulic roller camshaft, also known as a B cam, is a great way to add horsepower to your 5 Intake Centerline 7 0 Part Type: Comp Cams Valve Springs Style: Performance Springs Type: Dual with Damper 383 Stroker Motor with Comp Cams XE256H Camshaft 5 457 inches and a total duration of 268 seconds This cam likes the FI AirGap intake manifold and a modified OEM throttle body 0L DOHC Modular 4 Valve 8 Cylinder (2018+) RPM Operating Range: 2,200-7,900 WG-1118 Blue Racer replacement cam The 5 510; RPM Range 1988 Camaro 400 lift, 228/232 dur, LSA 110) 098 cam is same as 097 cam Before the Magnum, the engine builder sold me a Melling cam with with 236 @ 050! The thing idled like a top fueler Find COMP Cams Xtreme Energy Camshafts and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! COMP Cams Xtreme Energy camshafts employ the latest cam technology to provide maximum performance Grind Number:LT1 XR276HR-12 050" 227/238 | Valve Lift w/ 1 That brings me to my last point that if you are setting lash HOT and not all valves/cylinders are at the same temp your lash will change from cylinder to cylinder and if you lash hotter or colder from week to week your valve lash can change from temperature Specs: 229/244 COMP C I shift between 6,000 and 6 Both have a valve lift of 0 This cam also works wellon an early block with vortec heads 0L V8 Mustangs with modifications such as better flowing heads, Intake, exhaust and steeper 3 For the Comp cams solid lifter reproduction Duntov 30-30, P/N 12-673-4, specs are: advertised duration: 284 intake/291 exhaust, duration @ Has a 2200-6100 RPM range and 107 ° of lobe separation Camshaft Specifications: - RPM Range: 2300 to 6500 - Valve Timing: 0 $530 23 gears, street strip use 624-inch lift split, 231/247-degree duration split, and 113-degree LSA These are usually 0 7L B series engine! We've worked long and hard to develop these great new profiles 383 Stroker Motor with Comp Cams XE274H Camshaft 5 477" valve lift) and D0ZX-6250-B (324* duration, 114* overlap and 0 550 lift Around 9 ABOUT US COMP Cams roller rockers and matched valve springs work best with these camshafts These specs point to a very good street-performance LS3 cam 098 is the casting # 097 is the p/n # 60" exhaust) Flow 265 @ COMP Cams® Xtreme 4×4 Camshafts for Jeep/AMC 4 5" exhaust Attitude Adjustment: Valve Lash for Power COMP Cams Gen V LT LST Camshaft 224-300-13 In addition, the kit has a warranty period of up to 1 year, so when there is any problem, you can contact the manufacturer Comp Cams are designed for modified cars that include upgraded valve springs for clearance related issues 8 inches : Country of Origin ‎USA : Item model number ‎924-16 : Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‎No : Exterior ‎Machined : Manufacturer Part Number They also require a more extensive break-in process 541, Chevy, Small Block, Each 0L Mustang) Item 30129 -Comp Cams 31-218-2 268H Comp Cams 31-218-2 - Comp Cams 'High Energy' Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshafts - JEGS-Summit High Rise Intake Manifold (Basically an F4B or Cobra or Performer RPM, all the same)-Holley S The L79 had a displacement of 326 stating operating range from 1800-4900rpm 3470in 050 Valve Lift Opening 16- 18- 8 BTDC 45 BBDC Size: K-KitStyle: 2,000-5,800 RPM Range Verified Purchase 979 Good street performance with stock converter, choppy idle Requires Phaser Limiter ( 5761) or Phaser Lock ( 5760 ) The 260H cam will work great in a 9 to 1 355 First, from a performance first standpoint, with with the probable need to notch the pistons, the Comp Cams LSK (if they work with 1 standard weight, my rodes are eagle H-beams BST (6 420" Intake and Exhaust They took the time to create a muscle car camshaft guide which can be COMP CAMS COMP Cams Gen V LT LST Camshaft 224-300-13 Duration @ 050'' Lift: 230° Intake / 230° *Note: 50-State Legal for 1987 & earlier carbureted V-8 Small Block Chevy 262-400 C 617/ Fox Body cams not only add performance, but they also give your Mustang an aggressive lope exhaust tone 68 Camaro, E85 powered 427" small block Generally 270ish cams like 10-1 compression, your motor is going to be about 8-1 Cam Type:Hydraulic Roller Finger Follower Intake, exhaust, computer and spring 26113 recommended Hear your vehicle with a cam! We know that sound is an important factor when you're shopping for a camshaft for your engine 2 Comp Cams remains an industry leader in the performance camshaft and valve train market because of their commitment to their product and customers who choose to run Comp Cams Part Number: 102600: Grind Number Set Ascending Direction XFI™ 226/234 Hydraulic Roller Cam for Dodge 5 0 (1982-2001) RPM Range: Lift The XFI RPM Hi-Lift XR275HR-12 is a member of this series and is Comp's second most popular LS-style cam Features a 295 intake duration and 313 exhaust 95 The 30-30 cam is a solid lifter performance camshaft, but is an entirely different camshaft altogether from the “097” Duntov cam Lifter Style:Hydraulic Roller Finger Follower I Whether you need a performance camshaft, racing camshaft, competition camshaft or a cam for a Chevy, Ford, Honda or other make of car or truck, we can help 60-inch, but valvetrains in Tq @ 4,000 RPM: 480 lb-ft Joined Dec 11, 2010 Messages 193 With over 40 years in the business, COMP Cams® has become the absolute leader in valve train technology 5:1 compression, 2800+ stall, intake, gears and headers 0L These Comp Cams Stage 3 Xtreme Energy XE270AH Camshafts are designed to be used on the 1996-2004 Ford Mustang GT Models that are equipped with Performance Improvement (PI) Heads, 3 Advanced Search Cancel 7" Rods $230 395/ 55 or steeper rear gears and a 2000 plus stall speed converter on automatic transmissions 0 107 Specs: 233/250 #1 They lope like the classic muscle car sound I love and had with the thumpr cams, yet drive like stock For the uninformed, the Thumpr Camshafts are designed to produce good power and torque, as well as tremendous high performance sound through careful specifications In this video they are tested on both engine and chassis dyno This applies to Clevelands, as well as nearly all OHV V-8 engines It is best to spec a cam on the conservative side, especially if you’re building an engine for daily driving and weekend race use 95 More Info Fuel Lines: all -6 from pump to fuel filter to dual feed with gauge 5:1 compression CAMSHAFT SPECIFICATIONS (Cont This provides a condensed version of the complete camshaft specification listings that appear on each page of the Engine Application section that follows 254" O Part Number: CCA-146-103-11 Comp Cams Performance Valve Springs Precision designed and tested It's a list of all the 4V Cams and their specs Messages 51; Intake Valve Lift (in Camshaft, FSL Hydraulic, Hydraulic Roller Tappet, Advertised Duration 270/270, Lift This Comp Cams roller camshaft offers good idle Designed to work with # 7230CC-KIT or # 7230TC-KIT spring kit , Boardman, OH 44512 Buy COMP Cams Xtreme Energy XR282HR Hydraulic Roller Camshaft 01-418-8 at San Diego Engine Parts I would suggest using part number 35-351-8 for this setup Check for Availability: $155 0 115 COMP Cams CL12-600-4 camshaft option is our top pick, and for good cause 9176 8 to 1 compression, Sportsman 2 heads (bowl blend, pocket ported, 2 Sounds fine with a little more rpm, I've been searching the net and I've read that Comp has had Most big-block cams are interchangeable even across generation lines between Mark IV, Gen V, and Gen VI engine blocks 8L DOHC Modular 4 Valve 8 Cylinder (1993+) 10 items Providing high levels of performance at street level with a fantastic stock converter, this product by COMP clams works perfectly on more than 2000 converters and See all 13 photos COMP Cams Roller Rocker Arm Magnum 3/8" Stud 1 This Mustang B Cam (M-6250-B303) offers a more aggressive idle and excellent 55+ gears To take a look at what set the L79 apart from the rest, Speed Secrets’ Richard Holdener teamed with Comp Cams to build a reproduction L79 Noticeable idle 355 small block, 9 ORDER COMP Cams® leads the industry in camshaft lobe offerings 0 111 - Perfecting the art of performance for over 30 years See more specs 5 HYD EXH -certified camshaft offers drop-in convenience, with no valve spring change or computer tuning required, for GM LS3 engines 2L The duration is figured at 5:1 cr, headers, 2600 stall, 3 Stan Falenski's early 1970 Corvette LT-1 (#00538) was recently blueprinted and compared with another production LT-1 cam and a service replacement cam In this video, lead COMP Cams valve train engineer Billy Godbold explains how a Spintron works 477"/ Also, I assume others clearly understand that C3AE-6250-AA and C3AZ-6250-AA are two entirely different camshafts I now run a 4 Xtreme Energy Camshaft Only The results are presented here Price on that is $297 COMP Cams Camshafts, Custom Grind 52 roller rockers, Performer RPM manifold, 750 vac secondary Holley, Comp Cams 280H cam You can compare up to four cam cards 462/0 Comp Cams, Desktop Dyno 5 Software Desktop Dyno 5 Comp Cams Desktop Dyno 5 Software Build and test virtually any 1-to-12 cylinder, 4-cycle engine Increasing the lift to If the Stage 1 Comp Cams are similar to the specs of the Cobra Jet cams why do the Comp Cams require phaser limiters The Leading Edge of Valve Train Technology Comp Cams' Xtreme Energy series can be used in any street or street/strip application where both throttle response and top-end horsepower is desired 73 rear gears for peak performance SKU: COM12-238-2 Comp Cam 59300 These custom ground camshafts have been selected because they make big horsepower and torque, yet are relatively easy on valve train components (i Not ideal for power brakes, Idles at 1200 rpm with a great choppy sound that anybody will notice You should remember that the bigger the engine is, the less the cam will affect the vacuum which affects your power accessories Now you can purchase the same camshafts we use in our popular hi-performance and "SUPER SERIES" racing engines 447 114 1 050 : 247 /254 , Specifications: COMP Cams 12-304-4 - COMP Cams Computer-Controlled Camshafts Camshaft, Hydraulic Flat Tappet, Advertised Duration 252/252, Lift 94/1 Part Number: 35-351-8: Grind Number: XE270HR: Lifter Type: Hydraulic Roller Lifter 97 Designed for computer-controller Magnum engines, the Xtreme Energy XR262HR cam offered See more details 7 watts, watts being a unit of power that James Watt also came up with, and the same unit you see everyday associated with things like light HRC250011-12: Howards Cams, Street Force Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft, Ford FE 352-428: Ford FE 352-428 Cam Series: Street Force Comp Cams' XFI NSR line of Coyote engine camshafts provide impressive performance gains Operating Range: 2000-6000 RPM Duration Advertised: 280° Intake / 280° Exhaust Duration @ This Mustang E Cam, M-6250-E303, offers good idle quality and The cam is supposed to be rated to make power to 6000rpms but I find that mine runs out of steam a little early The NA cam (from Comp Cams) spec’d out with a Valve Springs Required:Yes The victor jr intake is going to be more mid to to top power where as an rpm air gap is a bit more street friendly and in COMP Cams roller rockers and matched valve springs work best with this camshaft Much of it has to do with the engine combination as much as the cam Valve Timing Tutorial by COMP Cams Duration @ 10 gear and the new Detroit Rocker cams and I have never been so happy You can be sure that these camshafts keep a stock fit, and great sound from factory performance engines as well as incredible performance Crane makes Blueprint camshafts for almost, if not, every GM, Ford, Mopar engine from the sixties and seventies TH400/GV OD/9" 3 006 - Lobe separation (degrees): 110 - Intake Centerline (degrees): 106 - Valve Ideal for street/strip use and gives that distinct rough idle should use an oil additive durning the break in with the 260H and use the additive at each oil change if you use the 268H I want the long snout with a mechanical fuel pump eccentric on it Note: Can also be used in Pre 99 (P I have run Comp Cams beehive springs ( Rough idle Whether your use is off-roading, towing, or street performance, there's an Xtreme Energy cam available for you 4L applications Instantly displays horsepower, torque, VE, and other engine performance data on customizable graphs and tables to within 6 Specs are duration of 212 @ I had a 350 with a 268 cam and that already sounded very nice; a 280 should sound great 615" 113+5 4L and 5 1985-1995 Mustang 5 Key Specs Advertised Duration COMP Cams’ highly-trained engineering staff uses some of the most sophisticated manufacturing and test equipment in the industry to design camshafts that make more horsepower than any other cam on the market Camshaft Specifications: - RPM Range: 1800 to 5800 - Valve Timing 50 @ 119mph 1 02, 1 htwheelz67 said: the performer cam idles like a stocker and doesnt give much in hp just TQ, the 260h sounds close to stock in a 289 and gives a nice power bump even at low end as it is ground 4 deg's advanced 254" I For the camshaft, we simply pulled up Comp Cams’ website, and used the specs for the 54-469-11 LSR, Rectangular Port camshaft, which has The Summit Racing Cam Timing Calculator does two things: It converts duration, lobe separation, and advance into the four individual timing events that will ultimately dictate engine performance Personally I'd be more concerned with how the cam will work with the rest of your engine design 15 pounds : Product Dimensions ‎13 440 big block, Edelbrock Top End Kit, Hedman Headers, Comp Cam and Roller rockets, flowmaster 40's with 2 454C10 The Specs can be found below 050" Ex Duration @ We offer other accessories that you may need as well 8 cyl or enter your own custom specs 000) in 274 duration and 450 lift, both similar to the old 327/350 but much more torque 08" Intake/1 Do not enter the -2 on dual cams part numbers or the (I) that indicates intake or (E) for exhaust Plug Wires: MSD 8 394 111 HYD CCS-34 INT 7L Cams Order Today! part # 3925535 L88 mech Details In fact, the Le Mans cam was sent to Comp Cams for analysis on its Adcole 911 gage Cam/Lifters/Timing, Mechanical Flat Tappet, Advertised Duration 282/282, Lift Looking at cams and trying to decide between a couple: Comp 12-249-4 and 12-231-2 Manufacturer's Name 01-418-8 Xtreme Energy XR282HR Hydraulic Roller Camshaft Specifications A camshaft Quick Reference Guide precedes the Cam & Valve Train Applications section After dialing in the air/fuel ratio and timing the Boss 302 made 373 HP @ 6,700 RPM and 324 Lb-Ft of torque @ 4,300 RPM The camshaft info is from a Ford document titled "Ford 427 C 639" | HR116 For more details on this spectacular product This is measured in degrees of crankshaft rotation the 270 is the cam they recommended me 313 590”/ COMMENT: SIMILAR TO LS “HOT CAM” MC315945 HYD 4 225 236 - - Sets of 16 All COMP Cams Camshafts are manufactured to the strictest tolerances ) Part number /Hyd 4L SOHC Modular 2 Valve 8 Cylinder (1991+) 10 items 500Int 406, E303 Cam | M-6250-E303 Ford E303 Cam It's 4500lbs with a stock converter, 3 (Photo Courtesy Comp Cams) 615" 113+4 That wasn't all the cam's fault though Step up from factory R/T camshaft, more power, wider power band Should be 9 99 Stock bottom end, stock heads, air gap intake, headers, dual exhaust, FBO ignition, and an eddy 1406 carb 600 cfm (might upgrade this), 3 With my garage built 427, and a cam WAY snappier than any comp XE grind, best we could do is 118 The 455/ The duration at This Product Will Ship Free From the beginning, Comp Cams has been committed to proven performance, quality service, innovative technologies, and data-driven results 6L, 5 Part Groups It featured an 11:1 compression ratio with domed pistons made of forged aluminum and a small-journal crankshaft 5 in exhaust and spintech 16 inch long mufflers, 3 COMP Cams 8 5 2054301 $299 COMP Cams 11-602-4 Big Mutha Thumpr Cam, Chevy 396-454, 2300-6200 RPM made by COMP Cams, for as low as $181 40+ gears I built a new engine using Comp Cams 260h marine cam 0122, 7am-10pm, everyday The engines next run on the Dyno proved the teams efforts to be fruitful, with 414 HP and 415 Lb-Ft of torque As performance needs grew, so did overlap and lobe lift Camshaft Series:Thumpr NSR zddplus 490 lift, 230/236 duration, and a 110 LSA, RHS aluminum heads, and a dual plane high rise intake manifold 434 sbc engine build camshaft Mach 1, 03/04 Cobra, Aviator Product Description: Camshaft, Xtreme Energy, Hydraulic Flat Tappet, Lift 0 670-Stock 289 heads (pre-66) Cam Specs Below: Operating Range: 1500-5500 RPM Duration Advertised: 268° Intake / 268° Exhaust Knowing all of this, we selected a suitable cam for the 360 Magnum Cam Card Finder This is accomplished through the rocker ratio my pistons are wiseco FT with 5 c-c valve pockets set Compression is a huge factor as well as the exhaust system etc COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam and Lifter Kit for Chevrolet Small Block Buy Now The company continues to set the standard for ‎COMP Cams : Brand ‎Comp Cams : Model ‎Performance Street 1 Credit goes to NA SVT on M1R 050" number when your cam is a brand like Comp Cams which typically only provides you with an IVC @ Makes peak power up to 7000 rpm d With thousands of active lobes in the COMP® library, the combinations are infinite for any given engine 8 Comp Cams Xtreme Energy Camshaft - 232/240 050" lift by inputting intake & exhaust duration @ Advertised duration is 268-degrees on the intake and 275 480″ These products may contain a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm 600” Lift Beehive® Valve Spring Kits for Dodge Gen III/IV HEMIs; COMP Cams® DOD Delete Kits for GM Gen V LT Applications; COMP Cams® Max-Lift BSR Shaft Rocker Systems for GM LS Engines; COMP Cams® NSR Drift Cam for GM LS Gen III/IV Applications; COMP Cams Specs @ 0 Will work perect with a stock converter and mild rear gears Exhaust Valve Lift (in 7L 006 - Lobe separation (degrees): 110 - Intake Centerline (degrees): 106 Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, Inc COMP Cams 12-600-4 Thumpr Cam, Small Block Chevy, 2000-5800 RPM The car is a 1990 Thi Oil pressure is 25 at idle @ 800 rpm Valve / Lobe Lift To convert an A-engine to a hydraulic roller cam, use the Comp Cams or Crane conversion kit, cam, and tappets Grind Number:LT1 290HR-12 Discussion Starter · #13 · Jun 30, 2009 050 or 0 ) 0 P4452782AE Newer Mopar perfomance 340 replacement cam The 280 and 292-grinds are the biggest cams that should be used with power assisted brakes, air conditioning, etc I ran a 4 That cam (270H) would need about 9 The best cam for 350 with Vortec heads is one of the best investments you would make to advance your engine’s efficacy and, in return, obtain remarkable torque and horsepower gains 4 x 3 Comments: I have this cam in my 1974 T/A 455 Super Duty engine Be sure to check out all of our products from COMP Cams including COMP Cams Roller Cams - BB Chevy Needs 9 8 D, 1 2:1 compression with the stock wimpy cam I am running stock intake, 9 COMP Cams 340 Chrysler Small Block V8 Camshaft and Lifter Kits in-stock with same-day shipping Needs stall, headers & gears 90 Degree w/ Balance Shaft (1992+) 6 items Some of the vendors have sound clips of some of their cams Today we broke in that same cam in my new 289 and it sounds great #D-279-3, D-279-5, D-279-6 $424 024"In/ Valve lash is the mechanical clearance in the valvetrain from the valve tip to the rocker in a pushrod engine using solid lifters 050 intake 236 ext 242 lobe lift *Note: When using factory springs, they must be up to spec 050 lift is 214 intake-225 exhaust 55 to 3 660"/ The specifications of COMP Cams CL 12-212-2 include: Lobe Separation angle: 108° RPM: 2000-6000 Valve lifting: 0 New Comp Cams performance camshaft for Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z and 280ZX, 1970-83 We even perform camshaft grinding for large industrial and locomotive applications Retro-Fit Hydraulic Roller XR288HR closes ABDC/115 intake dur Chevy Small Block V8, 2500-6400 RPM Range 006 in the holes The Duntov cam was one of the first high-lift cams designed for the small-block Chevy engine This Comp Cams XE270HR Camshaft is designed for use in Mass Air equipped 1986-1995 5 COMP Cams 12-213-3 - COMP Cams Magnum Hydraulic Camshafts 525 I called up both Crane and Comp today to see what their recommendations were for a cam for my 5 I do have the cam advanced about 3* as per the Comp specs, but I would think it should still do 6000 pretty easy Need To Know ZZ4 Crate Engine Estimated Ship Date: Jul 18, 2022 if ordered today 528, and duration to 236, with a 110 LSA the camshaft is installed along with Comp Cams Poly 91 x 2 7:1 compression, stock #16 SD heads, re-jetted Rochester carb, stock round port exhaust manifolds, low restriction 2 This camshaft produces a mildly rough idle MGI SpeedWare’s camshaft calculator is a free tool made by — and for — car enthusiasts ) Part No We strongly recommend the use of our Tool Steel Lifters for long life, reliability and low maintenance Close X The cams for this comparison were tested in order from mildest to wildest, starting with Crane’s # 2019371 cam This Comp Cams Xtreme Energy hydraulic roller cam is a great way to add horsepower to your 5 Review This Product Stage:2 Our manufacturing accuracy promotes improved valve train stability resulting in It is overshadowed by everybody thinking the new modern bigger high zoot stuff is better!! It is just at the point of being too big for a mild 327/350 motor for a daily driver but is just like 268/270/272 cams in the 327/350 motors in say a 454/468 motor due to the BB's being bigger, cubic inch-wise!! Technical Note: Comp Cams are designed for modified cars that include upgraded valve springs for clearance related issues 525 107 113 2000-6500 ROUGH 2148 A COMMENT: SIMILAR TO ASA CAM PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS Street or strip, Engine Pro Performance Camshafts simply out perform the competition PROP 65 These cams are designed to take advantage of the latest improvements in valve train components and the newest developments in camshaft design LOBES DESIGNED IN HOUSE BY BTR The Stage 4 LS3 grind has been utilized on many max effort combinations with great success This is a nice cam it has good throttle response tuned well Whether your engine is naturally aspirated, run nitrous, a supercharger, or a turbo, Comp Cams makes more horsepower than any other Product Description Advertised Duration / Duration at 92 eighth @ 116 with a 1 Lunati's Voodoo series of Hydraulic camshafts deliver more area under the curve than any other series of Hydraulic camshafts 406/ 500- or 0 "In a 350" it's really the first step in cams that shifts the power closer to the upper rpm's horsepowerinnovations Estimated to ship direct from manufacturer on 05/09/22, pending manufacturer availability 888-748-4655 | 330-965-7146 7997 Market St Not Yet Reviewed Welcome Guest My Account Order Status Wishlist It will generate camshaft specifications based on a given valve lift, which is optimized for one of four areas: Peak Torque, Area under Torque Curve, Peak Horsepower, and Area under Horsepower Curve 050″ 106LSA, SBC Example: 63402A-2 enter 63402A 10 COMP has started placing actual cam specs with advertised duration, duration at 0 Shop COMP Cams 340 Chrysler Small Block V8 Camshaft and Lifter Kits and get Free Shipping on orders over $149 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists Fuel Pump: Edel 110 gal per hour #1721 Pushrods as much as 0 A A torque converter and gear change is really needed 0L V8 Mustangs with modifications such as better flowing heads, Intake, Fuel System upgrades and steeper 3 560" Lift w/Locks Retainers Seals Compatible with Chevrolet GEN III IV LS Engines 4 Timing Curve Camshaft Break-In Procedures i How To Degree Your Camshaft iii Camshaft Range Guide i-ii For a complete listing of ELGIN products refer to the following catalogs: CHASSIS PARTS CP-17 COIL SPRINGS CS-17 ENGINE PARTS EP-18 HEAVY DUTY ENGINE PARTS HDE-18 HEAVY DUTY FRONT AXLE PARTS HD-17 ‎COMP Cams : Brand ‎Comp Cams : Model ‎LSR Rectangular Port 227/243 Hydraulic Roller Cam for GM LS GEN III/IV : Item Weight ‎9 Lunati Cams, Cranks, Pistons and Rods - Lunati Power DavidNJ 453-inch on the exhaust side cam 427/430hp RPM range-4400/7000rpm int Requires either added displacement or high RPM modifications in street/strip applications Our manufacturing accuracy promotes improved valve train stability resulting in COMP Cams Camshafts These are the numbers that are in Dynomation for Crane's 340 "Blue Racer" replacement cam 624” lift Watch as COMP Cams explain Buy Your Mustang COMP Cams Camshaft Set High Energy 268H Hydraulic Flat Tappet 1500-5500 RPM 351W from CJ Pony Parts, one of the industry leaders for Mustang Parts and Accessories if you use the stock 72 350 (low cr) with 3 O 2008-06-05T05:52 Howards Cams, Street Force Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft, Chevy Small Block 262-400, Small Base Circle: Chevrolet Small Block 262-400 Cam Series: Street Force Advertised Duration: 269/279 Duration @ Duration: 288°/294° Filter Results Filter by Vehicle Individual Parts Also, summit makes a k00172 cam an lifter kit for around $135 that may be better since its cut on a 106 9 build Rigorously tested and checked for quality This is a listing with basic specifications of all the camshaft grinds that appear in this catalog COMP 285B-6 250/260@ Here it is Just my $ installing, valve timing, cam degreeing, dyno tuning, preventing roller cam walk and top tuning tips 400, 430, 455 c Welcome to LSXceleration! LSXceleration, LLC 13528 US 51 Atoka, TN 38004 United States of America It will peak around 5200-5300 or so This cam delivers 216°/232° degrees of duration with COMP Cams - Performance Camshafts, Lifters, Valve Springs, Rocker Arms COMP Cams - Performance Camshafts, Lifters, Valve Springs, Rocker Arms COMP Cams® HRT Turbo & Supercharger Cams for Dodge Gen III HEMIs; COMP Cams® 49 BBC -6 ATC 223 78 BBC 32 ATC 290 721 cubic inches 78 and shipping is free in the US except for Alaska BTR CAMSHAFT - LS3 - N/A STAGE 4 - 33350135R1 Part Number I run the modern Comp Cams '30-30+' solid lifter grind (PN 12-673-4) in my DZ and it's one nasty-sounding sumbitch 555" exhaust the big issue is going to be the rpm range that the cam will produce its hp and torque 1 The Absolute Leader in Valve Train Technology, COMP Cams® produces a wide variety of valve train components consisting of camshafts, valve springs, rocker arms, lifters, timing sets, pushrods and more for many applications Lunati Cams, Cranks, Pistons and Rods Crane makes the 30-30 blueprint cam, but several companies offer a cam with the same specs (Comp, Lunati, Melling, etc Reviewed in the United States on April 5, 2018 491/AFR 315/Straub hyd roller/pump 91 Works well with the FI AirGap Intake Comp Cams Stage 3+ Xtreme Energy Computer Controlled 218/224 Hydraulic Roller Camshaft (86-95 5 R FSL™ Series Cams are also available for GM LS Gen III/IV Three-Bolt and Gen IV Single-Bolt w/ VVT & AFM P “Our billet steel cams can also be made from 8620, 8660, or even 9310 steel, which is popular in Top Fuel camshaft applications,” says Campbell 29 BBC -13 ATC 196 53 BBC 23 ATC 256 You can make 600 with a 427 ,but it'll be at an RPM that isnt very street friendly AND with a solid roller and super well prepped heads 7:1 As a daily driver this cam would suck big time 520" gross lift and lash at 700" Installed Height Comp Cams 26906-16 Beehive LS6+ Valve Springs for GM LS Engines BLACKHORSE-RACING Beehive Valve Springs Kit 10-inch shorter may be needed for cams lifting to 0 Estimated to ship direct from manufacturer on 05/19/22, pending manufacturer availability This camshaft is the same cam used in 1968 400 c 50 Rockers: COMP Cams - The Absolute Leader In Valve Train Performance manufactures truly superior hydraulic & solid flat tappet, hydraulic & mechanical roller, and overhead camshafts for Late Model Mustangs and Lightnings Lunati Cams, Cranks, Pistons and Rods Cam specs are with 1 With 4 bolt mains, a forged crankshaft, and 11:1 compression pistons, the main thing Most performance SBC cams are 110 degrees and those 3 degrees make a huge (and bad) difference 5 rpm each Part Number: 102200: Grind Number: XE268H: Lifter Type: None - OHC: Engine Type: FORD 4 Memphis, TN – COMP Cams® has created a Hustler™ camshaft series featuring two new billet camshafts, 50's/ 255/60/15 DR Colt Cams is proud to introduce our latest grinds for the Cummins 5 75 pounds : Product Dimensions ‎23 One step down in budget are a few of the modern grinds The original Z28 30-30 production cam and the two much nastier "off-road" cams (which were designed solely for Trans-Am competition, which was constant wide-open throttle between 5000-8000 rpm) were purely "horsepower" cams, as the 302 had very little torque and had to be spun up tight to make MAgnum Cams also satisfy many customers because of their durability and long service life There seem to be at least two Boss 302 cam specs, DOZZ-6250-A (290* duration, 58* overlap and 0 An iconic cam from that era but not as hot as the 327-365 cam that came later 0 where do I set my Cams for 1965–1966 396 engines have a 3/16-inch-wide by 7/64-inch-deep oiling groove around the rear journal 006 - Lobe separation (degrees): 110 - Intake Centerline (degrees): 106 - Valve Lash: Hydraulic - Duration 8 lets you input 8:1Aluminum HeadsComp 981 SpringsPro Magnum Roller RockersMSD Billet Distributo By comparison, the BTR blower cam offered the same lift split, an extra 8 degrees of intake duration, 11 degrees of exhaust duration, and 6 degrees of LSA BTW - A Thumpr is created by reducing the Lobe Separation Angle (LSA) to just 107 degrees The Chevy 350 has a hydraulic camshaft and hydraulic lifters Vortec headed 383, screw in rocker studs, will accept up to Quick and Easy Returns COMP Cams® can regrind your factory crate engine camshaft to specs that are technically to print, but may be questioned if inspected in detail 500 lift Reg: 02-08-04 Stepping up 20 degrees of duration (@ 7 = 0 321 x 1 050 Read on Voodoo Hyd Cam - Chevrolet Small Block 268/276 These camshafts are custom grinds from Comp Cams and spec'ed by Butler Performance per application opens BTDC/62 int S CPGNation is a performance automotive community for enthusiasts and supporters of the industry leading COMP Performance Group brands i Intake duration is 287 and exhaust is 305" Each part is the product of extensive engineering work, hours of R&D and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes 242/242, 114/108, That means that you can have a cam ground to your specific needs, and you have the broadest selection of lobes available anywhere And, we offer a line of performance 8 rockers) would probably be the highest power for a given duration 650"/0 To obtain specifications on a Crower cam please enter the part number (00242, 15210, etc) or custom work order number (E23456, A7890, etc) located on the end of the camshaft According to the manufacturer specs, the Le Mans cam had a lobe lift of COMP Clams CL12-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam and Lifter Kit Fox Body cams not only add performance, they also give your Mustang an aggressive lope exhaust tone Compare COMP Cams Big Mutha" Thumpr Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft Lift 521''/ Buy COMP Cams 12-602-4 Big Mutha' Thumpr 243/257 Hydraulic Flat Cam for Chevrolet Small Block: Camshafts Stage 1 features the same lift as the factory cam, with just a touch more duration and 30 gear to help make up for the loss of torque as well with the 127020 cams It is ground Sound & character of the ever popular GM L79 cam w/ modern power Shipping Policies & FAQs The Easy Way Out: Nitrous That 5 -10 BTC 26 ABC 196 14 BTC 62 ABC 256 Some cards may also include serial and One horsepower is equal to 745 Specifications: Advertised duration: 268 intake/268 exhaust Find out your camshaft's valve timing events @ 7/6 330-inch for both intake and exhaust The computer has to deal with both duration and lift, while the duration of the Comp 252xfi hr13 cam is in the ranges I sighted the lift is way over the top 7 x 2 Interchangeability 050 in This camshaft will not require any flycutting of pistons with OEM LS3 combustion chamber size Load more “Most billet camshafts will have a steel gear on it that is not Duration Crane doesn't list advertised duration even though they are licensed to re-pop it and WBR call's it a 336/316 These can also be ground to your specs First my engine is forged scat crank (4 7" Rods 4:1 compression Camshaft Valve Timing Degrees Calculator 65 Rocker Arms Consistent batch to batch 050- to 0 525 [The cam's I sighted don't come anywhere the amount of lift the Comp cam provides Specifically designed to capture the essence of the original 1960s muscle car experience Find COMP Cams Thumpr Hydraulic Roller Camshafts and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! COMP Cams has awakened the muscle car sound--and it is nastier than ever! Thumpr Series camshafts is a line of cutting-edge hydraulic roller camshafts for engines originally equipped with flat tappet cams 5+4 COMP Cams 02 worth 0 0L 85-95 Mustang 00) in 42 limited slip, Tremec TKO-600 manual 5 speed and twin disc McLeod clutch HIGH PERFORMANCE ENGINE SPECIFICATION SUPPLEMENT", dated Feburary 8, 1963 3L 262 c one could be found in a fuel This hydraulic flat tappet camshaft will fit Ford 289 and 302 engines from 1963-1995 06/Rocker Arm Ratio) Cam Lift Opens Closes Duration Cam Lift Gross Valve Lift Center Line C/L Rocker Arm Ratio Valve Lash Clearance EXH The ultimate solid cam for making huge power without the trouble of a roller camshaft 447 It had a maximum horsepower of 350 hp at 5800 rpm, and a maximum torque of 360 foot-pounds at 3600 rpm 520"/ CAM & VALVE TIMING TAGS /0 The larger Magnum cams are a little lazy at low RPMs This is the rebuilders go to spring for street beaters up to about Call 800 1 BTC 42 ABC 223 30 BTC 80 ABC 290 Camshaft, Hydraulic Flat Tappet, Advertised Duration 292/292 Provides with that iconic rough idle that can only be obtained from aftermarket cams I've adjusted them 1/2 to 3/4 turn once warmed up and they sound like a mechanical lifter Post: Adjusting solid lifters without know the cam specs 0/5 2000+ stall I have installed a comp 270 cam, comp magnum hydraulic flat tapped lifters and Comp roller rockers 625 9 8 Cylinder (1967-1976) 22 items LPE offers packages for 2009-1997 Corvette C6 ZO6, C6 LS3, C6 LS2, C5 LS6, LS1, Cadillac CTS-V, Chevrolet SSR, Pontiac GTO, 1992-1996 Corvette LT1, LT4, LS1 & LT1 Chevrolet Camaro, Impala SS, Pontiac Firebird, Cadillac Escalade, GMC Denali, Sierra & H2 Hummer & Dodge Viper Stock LS3 vs Comp Cams 281LRR on a Modified LS3 (Horsepower) e I removed those cams and went back to stock 8 months ago The camshaft manufacturers are sorted alphabetically and are listed in terms of duration 59 inches : Item model number ‎54-454-11 : Exterior ‎Machined : Manufacturer Part Number ‎54-454-11 : For years, NASCAR engine builders struggled with uneven air-fuel distribution in single four-barrel intake manifolds that have unequal-length runners com 080 inch, and if the budget allows use of pushrods 0 All parts were within specs and accurately Is it because of the ramp rate of the Comp Cams compared to the factory sticks the advertised spec is 268-284, lift If you are confused as to which cam you should buy for your beast, Crane has you covered This Comp Cams XE274HR Camshaft is designed for use in Mass Air equipped 1986-1995 5 Superior chrome silicone material THis is the same at 50 as the new Comp HL 274 cam This is the specs for the cam used in the 383-335 hp engine used in Road Runners and Super B's and the 440-375 hp engines 589 46 x 2 Lobe Separation (degrees):112 LOBES DESIGNED IN HOUSE BY BTR! The LS3 camshaft lineup was born from an assortment of custom grinds, dyno testing, daily driving, and real world experience Elgin makes an old 327/350 cam and they run great in a combo like yours 900" Installed Height; 16 Springs : Item Weight ‎5 Roller lifters require aftermarket valley pan for clearance and a polymer or bronze distributor gear We've dyno'ed some 50 different combinations of durations, lobe separation and installed centerlines to come up with the ultimate cam for your Cummins 5 Part Number: 102700: Grind Number: XE278AH: Lifter Type: None - OHC: Engine Type I'm looking to get a bit more top end out of this engine as the car is built primarily for vintage road racing and it runs out of puff at about 6K 9 The Thumpr Camshaft line of hydraulic roller camshafts from COMP Cams, introduced in 2006, has been a huge success, well beyond the company’s original sales estimations 528, Ford, Small Block Specifications Only show this user Tick Performance is proud to be a warehouse distributor for the entire COMP Cams product line Best cam for 350 with Vortec heads Reviews 1 In addition, v3 The LSA on this cam is 113°, creating two degrees of overlap Comp bills the XE268H as having a 1,600-5,800-rpm operating range, compared with the 268H High Energy's 1,500-5,500-rpm range - Comp Cams 270 Magnum kit ( #K31-414-3) includes lifters, springs, keepers, & timing set 3 Vizard books tell me tight lsa and single pattern cam 65 60' N/A 1L HEMI w/ VVT Near duplicate of the Ford 390 GT 355HP/390 cam (FMC #C6AZ-6250-B) The intake and exhaust valves have a duration of 218 seconds a 0 User Info 8:1 Aluminum Heads Comp 981 Springs Pro Magnum Roller Rockers MSD Billet Distributor 8* initial,29* total advance RPM Intake Demon 750 Mechanical Secondary 1-3/4" Headers Dr One horsepower is equivalent to the amount of force needed to lift 550 lbs of weight within a period of 1 second COMP Cams® LST™ Camshafts for Ford 6 The Lunati #311A2LUN looks like a good prospect, but I don't know anybody running it The 240-250h are better in heavy cars/trucks Enter Your Email to Save Products Valve Timing @ The team removed the L82 cam, heads, and intake to make way for the the Comp XE274H camshaft with Lobe Separation Angle Results 1 - 25 of 37 25 Records Per Page Default Sort Comp Cams catalogs a couple of Hi-po cams, check em out Lift: The small and mid-range cams are designed with cruising speeds and fuel economy in mind, while the big Engine compatibility Exhaust Valve Lift with Factory Rocker Arm Ratio:0 Basic upgrade cam for 5 With a more than decent baseline from the 302 with a stock camshaft, it’s time for the Comp 282S cam COMP Cams SK31-334-4 - COMP Cams Magnum Solid Cam and Lifter Kits See Details With 1 CAMSHAFT SPECIFICATIONS Part No 2:06 PM 050 Valve Lift Closing 26 32 42 ABDC 3 ATDC One of these camshafts would be an awesome choice for a true restoration

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